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BONUS: Agency Radar — Renegotiating Normality

This episode was published to Convivio members in 2021, and is now available publicly as a bonus for our podcast listeners. Steve and Joe are joined by two agency leaders to discuss what challenges and opportunities are ahead for agencies getting back to some kind of normality after the pandemic.

Kelly Hunstone, Social Change's Agency Leader

On this episode we're joined by Kelly Hunstone, who leads the behavioural science agency Social Change in the UK. She talks about how her leadership style has evolved, and what she's learned from behavioural science about leading teams.

Todd Nienkerk, Four Kitchens' Agency Leader

Todd Nienkerk, founder and CEO of digital agency Four Kitchens, joins us to talk about the changing leadership structure of an agency as it matures, and changing from an office-based agency to a remote one.

Jim Bowes, Manifesto's agency leader

Jim Bowes, founder of UK digital agency Manifesto joins us to talk about how his leadership has needed to evolve through growth and merging his company with a larger group

Vicki Young, Nalla's agency leader

Vicki Young of branding consultancy Nalla is our guest, talking about how she learned to lead, and the more strategic approach she's working on this year.

Paul Bellows, Yellow Pencil's agency leader

Scouting out the future and leading clients through the zig-zag changing world. Paul Bellows of Yellow Pencil is our guest, talking about how he's done that while leading his agency for so long and how he gets external viewpoints and learning to develop the strategy and evolve his leadership.

Sue Keogh, Sookio's agency leader

The many hats of agency leaders, and how to wear the higher-up ones better. Sue Keogh of Sookio is our guest, talking about leading through crises and how her leadership style has evolved.


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