BONUS: Agency Radar — Renegotiating Normality

This episode was published to Convivio members in 2021, and is now available publicly as a bonus for our podcast listeners. Steve and Joe are joined by two agency leaders to discuss what challenges and opportunities are ahead for agencies getting back to some kind of normality after the pandemic.
This episode was originally published privately for Convivio members in July 2020. Find out more about membership, and all the extra content for agency leaders members can access, at

The Agency Radar Podcast is presented by Steve Parks and Dr Joe Baker of Convivio. On this episode we're joined by Sue Keogh who leads the communications agency Sookio in the UK and Paul Bellows who leads digital agency Yellow Pencil in Canada.

The theme we explore this month is Renegotiating Normality. As the pandemic and its aftershocks tail off, there will be a renewal. This will be a time when everything is up in the air about how normal life and work will look. It’s a chance to reinvent, and redesign, with real opportunities available. But the flipside of that is a time of uncertainty and risk for those who can’t adapt.

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