Sue Keogh, Sookio's agency leader

The many hats of agency leaders, and how to wear the higher-up ones better. Sue Keogh of Sookio is our guest, talking about leading through crises and how her leadership style has evolved.
Steve and Joe talk through some research we've done with agency leaders about the biggest challenges of the role.

Our guest on this episode is Sue Keogh, founder and CEO of Sookio, a digital marketing agency based in Cambridge, England. She talks about:
  • Recessions and crises can be a great time to start a business
  • Preparing for one risk can help be ready for a wider range of problems
  • Forming, storming, norming and performing: the Tuckman stages of group development
  • Being aware of the energy you're giving out into the business as a leader, and balancing that with transparency
  • 'Paddle your own canoe' - find your own leadership style and that is fine, you don't need to copy others
  • The Eisenhower matrix for focusing on what to work on 
  • Working on having a more solid board structure
  • The need for looking further ahead, spotting trends, opportunities and risks
  • Taking a step back from the business to think more strategically, or even physically getting away from the business for a while

The Convivio Agency Leaders Podcast is presented by Steve Parks and Dr Joe Baker.

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